Wednesday, April 26, 2017


Hope is the thing that makes people try. It comes form good thing weather it is good news or anything else that's good. Hope can be restored by you achieving something or people believing and encouraging you to do things . I think failure threatens hope because when most people fail they will give up and they wont have any more hope in that thing that they are trying to achieve, but not all people that fail will lose hope only the weak minded people will fail and lose hope the others will never lose hope because success doesn't happen without failure. Things that give me hope is when people believe in me but also those who don't because i want to prove those people wrong and show them that they should have believed in me and not dought me so it gives me hope because i'll try harder and i know if i try hard i will succeed or have a better chance Image result for baseball hope quotes

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Daniele Quercia: Happy maps

In the blog by Daniele Quercia he was talking about how he used too live in Boston and everyday he would ride his bike to work and he would use his phone to find the shortest rote to get to work but one day he said that he didn't use his phone and he went a different way and found a road that was clear had no cars and had trees on both sides of it and he said that he was so bind that he was so focused on getting to work and following his phone that he never noticed that there was nice place near where he was going. He also said that after this he started not only looking for the shortest paths but the most enjoyed ones. What i got from thing blog post is that people shouldn't focus on the shortest and the easiest thing but rather thing that they would enjoy. I also learned that you shouldn't take anything for-grated meaning don't try to take the short way out of everything i got this from when hes talking about him always taking the short cut because he is taking the thing around his city for-granted because he wasn't taking advantage of riding his bike to work because he was always going the same way instead of going different way and trying to find new things. That is what i got from this ted talk

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

"The Surprising Science of Happiness."

Dan Gilbert's main argument is about why humans are happy. Gilbert first say that the human brain has nearly tripled in mass because of the front lobe and the front lobe helps experiences simulations or imagination. He also says that since our mine has grown people start to have synthetic happiness and real happiness. Synthetic happiness is when you make up your happiness it's not natural, and real happiness is natural it comes from things that you like doing,you don't try to make yourself happy it just happens naturally. People that have synthetic happiness have never felt real happiness or if they have it hasn't been for long or something happened and ruined it and now they try to make himself happy instead of just letting it come to them they try to act happy and they are for that moment put it's not good for them because they can be emotionally unstable and that can be bad for their health so synthetic happiness isn't good at all natural happiness is a good thing though.

I think Dan Gilbert's argument about why humans are happy interesting because i really didn't know that synthetic happiness was a real thing. Gilbert's ted talk made me ask myself do i have synthetic happiness to i try to make myself happy or is it natural happiness and i think that i have natural happiness because i am happy when i am around people i like and when i do things that i like to do like play baseball. I think that having natural happiness is really good b]because you are having a good time because you are doing things that make you happy and you're not forcing it unlike if it was synthetic happiness yeah you would be happy but it would only be for that moment and it's not really real. that is what i learned from Gilbert's ted talk.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017


Playing baseball and being with my friends and family. Playing baseball makes me happy because it's what i love to do and anytime that i can play it i do and being with family and friends makes me happy because i like being around people that i care about and that is why playing baseball makes me happy because my teammates are my family. Happiness is important because without happiness people will never have fun because they won't be in a good mood and then the could make other people unhappy because they may ruin someone else's day because they aren't in a good mood so that is why happiness is important so that you and the people around you can have a good day. The secret to getting happiness is to do something that you like to do or be around people that you like to b around because most of the time that will make you happy. I think so many people are unhappy because something has probably happened to them whether it is related to their family or anything else, but i think some people are unhappy because they don’t accept the good times that they have they kinda chose to be unhappy because everyone has had something in there life that has made them happy they just chose to ignore it they just need to do what ever that was that made them happy again, most of the time that is just being with friends and family.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016


honestly don't really know if i have self-control i think i do but then i don't know because i don't know how to really tell whether i do or i don't because i really don't know how to tell . I would like to think that i do have self- discipline because when you have self- discipline you can pretty do anything that you put your mind to actually i do have self-discipline because when it comes to baseball i can do anything no matter what i can try any position and i will always try hard to play there  because i am very motivated to do good in baseball so i have self-discipline when it comes to baseball . When i fail in baseball i don't give up i just keep trying till i get it right and when i get it right i feels so good but i don't stop there i keep going and try to get better at things everyday . My coach once told me "if you're not getting better than you actually getting worse" and i honestly believe that and that is why i try so hard in baseball i have self- discipline when it come to that .

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Stereotypes/ Misperceptions

I don't think that i have ever been stereotyped and if i have i don't remember it actually now that i think about i think i have been stereotyped and it was that this person asked me if i played soccer because i was Mexican and i really didn't care because that didn't bother me so that's why i really couldn't remember it and i think that was the only time that i had ever been stereotyped i don't think that i have ever stereotyped someone i could have but i don't remember if i did or didn't but i'm pretty sure i haven't stereotyped anyone. I have seen someone stereotype someone else though i don't remember when it was but i remember this kid asked if this boy and girl where brother and sister because they looked the same they were both white and i don't think that they were related so i think that was the only time that i could remember that i remember that someone stereotyped  I don’ that most of the ways that people stereotype people is really that bad because it usually about if they play a certain sport because of their race but then there are some that are bad like if some say that a arabic person is a trieste just because they are arabic i that is when it is bad. Also a lot of people don't really care as much when it comes to that stuff and they say the wrong things to wrong people and that gets them mad and that’ whe  it a problem to stereotype   

Friday, October 28, 2016

My favorite place

My favorite place to be is a baseball field. I choose this as my favorite place to because i can be on a baseball field for hours and whenever i'm on a baseball field i feel like i can do anything. When i am on a baseball field and even there is a lot of people watching or there is just a lot of people there i won't even noticed them all i notice is the people that are playing. A baseball field  is not only my favorite place to be it is also the place that i feel most comfortable to be at and i can do anything and it's easy for me to just go and do anything without worrying what other people say.A baseball field is the best place that i could be in a bad mood then i can go to the baseball field and just take all my anger out by either hitting or just messing around but being at the baseball field for me is my favorite place to be. A baseball field is a favorite place for a lot of people that love baseball and rather play baseball than do anything else and for the people that feel good when they play and when they are bored they think about baseball or play it or they watch baseball and that's how i am that's why a baseball field is my favorite place to be. I need 8 more words till i finish.